Thursday, November 01, 2007

Yahoo(Exclamation Point) developed Firefox Plugin

I've been slowly migrating all of my web browser bookmarks to That way I can always get to them and I don't have to sync them between work and home and I JUST FEEL LIKE IT OK!!!

Anyway, there are piles upon steaming festering piles of crappy extensions for Firefox, my web browser of choice.  However, Yahoo(Exclamation Point), which owns has released their own Firefox extension (and one extension to bind them).  Quite simply, it kicks @$$.

It replaces all of the Firefox bookmark related keybindings with the corresponding action for your new bookmark sidebar.  You can search bookmarks, post new ones and they behave just like local Firefox bookmarks (aka "loser" bookmarks) but they are stored on with all the Web 2.1 goodness that that implies .

So go check it out.  Its fun.

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