Friday, November 23, 2007

Brain Floss

I'm sitting here on the couch taking care of my pregnant stomach-flu infested wifey and she's watching The View. The four vacuous windbags on the show are spewing platitudes about how fragile mens' egos are when they start talking about some other anonymous windbag that postulated that by 2020 men would be having sex with robots. This caused Barbwa Waltwas to bring up the Steppford Wives movie where men were having sex with robots that not just had sex, but, and I paraphrase, "I don't know how they would make such a thing, but really enjoyed sex."

Now this was bad enough because it got me thinking about Barbwa Waltwas having bad sex for her whole life, but she then committed, what I can only assume, is a UN identified war crime. She said, "And then when its done they (the robot Steppford Wives) do that thing that Meg Ryan did in that movie in the diner where she goes..." and then it all went dark.

I could hear the blood rushing in my ears as the world collapsed in upon me. The glorious prepubescent mental image of Meg Ryan in the diner was superimposed upon Vacuous Windbag the fourth heaving and gasping on my HDTV like a salmon that had been batted on shore by a bear.

I can only hope that medical science some day finds a way to selectively remove images from the human mind.

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