Saturday, August 22, 2009

Emily's new skill

Now that Emily is potty trained she has discovered that she can actually stop peeing before she's done.  She used to use this skill to finagle a greatly extended bedtime by magically having to pee three or four times in a ten minute span. 

Well now she has a new use for this skill.  Emily likes to be told stories while on the potty but after telling stories in the car, during breakfast, and every other waking hour of the day, its sometimes hard to come up with another one on the spot. 

Emily: "Daddy? Can you tell me a story while I try to go peeps?"
Daddy: "Sure sweety..... ummmm.... let me think of one.....hrm."
Emily: (look of concentration and then she stops peeing suddenly) "That's OK Daddy.  I'll wait."

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