Monday, September 22, 2008

Don't blow this, Lutz

With the buzz about the newly released information about Chevy's upcoming Volt fresh in my mind I was excited to see Bob Lutz, the General Motors Vice Chairman of Global Product Development, getting interviewed on the Colbert Report about the Volt.

I was excited, that is, until he actually spoke.

He stumbles across his disbelief in CO2 causing global warming. I'm all for academic debate but you're trying sell a damn car. Swallow the fact that you are out of the mainstream and come with a prepared joke or something.

Tiny little four cylinder engine? Seriously? Come on.

He answered Colbert's jocular question about "getting off the line" with a sentence that included the word "adequately". Seriously?
You are selling a car in the United States of I Prove My Penis Size By The Size of My Carmerica.

Its has a 150hp engine, which is more than my admittedly tame Pontiac Vibe, but he says it like he's trying to explain to his mother what all this porn is doing under his bed.

"If you're buying an electric car, you're attitude shouldn't be that you're trying to lay down rubber"... are you KIDDING ME!?

Which part of sales school do they teach you not to apologize for the product you are selling? Is that 5 or 6 minutes after you walk into the room? This guy is the worst salesman since Hannibal tried to sell elephants to the Romans. Like seriously bad bad bad.

I am going to be excruciatingly pissed if GM manages to take this amazingly forward looking and courageous idea and piss it away by having the morons that have been shoving 11 MPG Abrams battle tanks down our throats for two decades wander out in front of their customers and say "Well I guess it doesn't make you look like tooooo much of a pussy if its kinda dark and you've been drinking a lot and you're standing next to Ryan Seacrest for comparison."

Don't blow this, Lutz.

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