Friday, August 08, 2008

As my daughter learns to speak, she will pick up a new phrase and use it a lot for a while until she gets the hang of it. What amazes me is how quickly she picks up when to use one of them.

The latest is "Just a tiny bit", which, to be honest, sounds more like "Jst a tine beet", but you get the idea.

Mommy: Gahhh! Emily, you spilled all of your milk on the floor!
Emily: Jst a tine beet.

Emily: Pick up, Mommy! (pick me up, Mommy)
Mommy: Not right now sweety, I have to shower because Mommy is stinky.
Emily: Jst a tine beet.

Daddy: Pumpkin, I think your diaper is officially a SuperFund site.
Emily: Jst a tine beet.

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