Sunday, March 02, 2008

Drowning in RSS and learning to swim

I love RSS.  Its a great way to have the entirety of the internet come to me whenever I want it.  However, I've noticed that the number of sites on the internet that I think I would like to read faaaaaar exceeds my ability to actually read them.  I have tens of thousands of unread crap waiting for me in google reader and more are on the way every day. 

In an attempt to trim the fat a bit, I decided to start using Yahoo Pipes to get more of what I want. 

My first attempt is for a really nice site called  Its a blog about interesting ways to tweak your life with maybe gadgets or different ways to do common tasks.  Interesting stuff, but lots and lots and lots of it. 

So here's my LifeHacker's Highlights yahoo pipe that just outputs the weekly Most Popular Posts entry.  So instead of hundreds I get one post a week with the ones that everyone else found the most interesting. 

Hope you enjoy my pipe.   errrrr... right.


CrunchyJew said...

I hate to ruin your day but:


John Russell said...

My solution was more in keeping with the concept of the site.

Russelldad said...

One more feed I have to follow!!! Damn You!!!!