Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A better person

In an effort to become less of a sissy I have decided not to be afraid of spiders. In general not to squeal like a little girl when I see them around my house. This was working really well for a few days until a actually saw a spider. Then not so well.

I've decided that at some point in my past I'd convinced myself that the sight of a spider scares me, so in an effort to reprogram that part of my brain I am leaving a giant scary spider on my work computer desktop. I have to change it every few days so that I don't get used to any one spider. Flickr is a great place for finding spider pictures.

So here's my desktop for today.

Pretty fearsome, huh? I get a little jolt every time I minimize something. Makes the day more .... interesting.


Anonymous said...

Bollocks! Wot kind of sissy is fraid of spiders?

John Russell said...

Therein lies the entire point of this exercise.

Russelldad said...

Arrrrg! good show matey!