Monday, December 12, 2005

Do your Windows XP fonts suck?

Have you ever noticed how the fonts on Windows XP suck? When I say suck I mean that any diagonal line looks jagged and choppy? This probably means that you are not availing yourself to the marvels of anti-aliased fonts. Anti-aliased fonts are basically smoothed out to make it easier on the eyes.

The way to make the magic happen for you on Windows XP is to go and download the Windows XP ClearType Tuner PowerToy. It adds an applet to your control panel which will walk you through making your fonts look smooth as a baby's butt.

I don't actually use Windows XP very much but my brother made me write this so that he could look it up. That and I haven't updated this in a while. Of course, he uses Windows 2000 so I'm not sure who this is actually supposed to help. It could be you!

Hope this helps someone.

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